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Pulaski Community Youth Center

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 The PCYC is a grassroots non-profit organization supporting the youth of Pulaski County. Our mission is to inspire and empower the youth of Pulaski County. We plan to do this by providing a safe and supportive afterschool program. With coordinated activities that academically, physically and mentally allow the youth to reach their fullest potential. 

Links have clearly been established between academic achievement and non-school factors, including poverty, race/ethnicity, family structure, child health, parenting approaches and peer influence.
Youth Development programs along with other human service organizations have a long history of working to address the challenging elements and their impact on youth.
There has been success helping youth regulate their behavior, develop clear goals, form positive relationships with peers, and have supportive and involved families. Youth Development programs that support the “whole child,” have the power to promote students’ educational success.


There are 5 components  we will base our progamming on: 


•     Career Path & Education Development: Enable youth to become more proficient in basic educational disciplines, applying learning to everyday situations and embrace technology to achieve success in a chosen career.

•     Leading the way: Empower youth to support and influence their community, sustain meaningful relationships and develop a positive self-image. Enable participants to respect ad appreciate difference, including cultural, socio economic and educational differences.

•     Healthy Living: Develop skills for positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment and social skills.

•     Self-Expression: Develop creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of visual arts, crafts, creative writing and performing arts.

•     Health & Life Skills: Develop the capacity to engage in a positive behavior and behaviors that nurture well-being, career and individual goals, economic self-sustainment and personal success.  



Pictured above: PC Botix Robotics Team , Open House and Friday Night Live Event 

Visit  to learn more about membership, volunteering or program information


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