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6th Annual Giving Day Total




Springhouse Community School

$25,346.00 contributions
271 donors

Raised: $25346Remaining: $9654

"This is my first year at Springhouse Community School and I feel like I have already grown a lot. The mentors that we all have, have been so easy to talk to and share with, push us to keep working and give feedback on the work we do. Springhouse is a community which means that everybody is always helping each other and the school. Springhouse has also taught me a lot about growing up and how our culture deals with that."
~Alonzo, Grade 8


“Springhouse has allowed me to grow as an individual by exploring different parts of myself through mentoring and dance. Springhouse has affected me by really pushing me out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to truly grow as an individual.”
~Jack, Grade 12

"Springhouse has put me in leadership positions where I can help and enjoy helping the community. Springhouse has given me a lot of confidence in myself by teaching me to do the things that I hate the most (like presenting) in an environment of people I can trust."
~Julian, Grade 7


"Springhouse has been my home for 3 years. I have cried and I have laughed with this community. If Springhouse was not here, I would not be who I am because Springhouse has shown me that it is ok to be myself. That I don't need to pretend. And I will forever be grateful for these loving people who let me in with open arms and are now helping me thrive."
~Lotus, Grade 9


Springhouse Community School is a learning community where you will find:
- A circle of teenagers and adults singing together on Monday mornings
- Students engaged in rigorous projects that invite them to apply their knowledge through activities like building sailboats that they will sail themselves
- Young people in a learning community where they belong after leaving environments where they have lost their love of learning due to bullying, stifled creativity, or a lack of inspiration
- Teens supported daily by an adult mentor who loves and inspires them
- Learning that takes place out of the school and in the community through internships and apprenticeships
- Students engaged in service learning trips 3 times per year
- Graduates living from a sense of purpose and pursuing paths of their choosing including college, gap year and study abroad programs, and entering the workplace
Springhouse is reimagining the purpose and practice of education in order to better serve our youth, strengthen community, and to be a model of holistic education for educators. 
We could not do what we do without the generosity of people who support our mission. Thank you for being a part of something special with your gift to Springhouse Community School – a place where teens and their families are supported as they navigate adolescence, and where we do the important and rigorous work of growing into who we came here to be.
Judith L donated $15.00
Judith L donated $15.00
Judith L donated $15.00
Jenna A donated $180.00
Judith L donated $15.00
Judith L donated $15.00

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Updates and Donors' Comments


In honor of Roxanne Greenberg and Chris Wolf on their wedding, congrats!


home of the brave!


I am forever grateful that I had the amazing opportunity to attend Springhouse, and I cannot wait to keep watching it grow and influence all