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Total Raised Since 2014




Children's Museum of Blacksburg

$3,785.00 contributions
33 donors

Raised: $3785Remaining: $41215


Give BIG and support CMB's BIG goal of an A-Mazing NEW exhibit!

Air and wind energy are embedded in the everyday experiences of even the youngest, non-reading children, and thus are a good starting point for forming ideas about energy.  Yet air is invisible, so children tend to be unaware of it unless they feel or observe its dramatic effects. 

Decades of well documented cognitive research has concluded that children form ideas about how the world works and what is useful and interesting at an early age, even before they enter school.  This research underscores the need for early, direct experiences with what Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University’s Project Zero has called “the phenomena of science” in order to provide a firm foundation for children’s later, more complex understandings of science. Equally essential is experiences that will grow the predisposition in children that topics in science are both relevant and interesting.   


A-Mazing Airways will introduce air and wind energy by making air concrete through interactive system of airways that focus on moving air/wind. The interplay of objects with moving air and air under pressure (pneumatics) makes it possible for air to be explored in many of the same ways that children experiment with water, another fluid with important relationships to air. 

By focusing the exhibits on air movement, with different experiences and entry points, guests will become immersed in the power of air to do work. A-Mazing Airways is configured so that the action of each guests creates a cause and effect, and thus each time a guest returns, they can repeat their experiment with success, and then pose new challenges to solve.   As guests experiment with choosing, moving, making and elevating objects of all types and sizes at various stations, they will follow the scientific process to make discoveries about the physics of moving air.   
Questions that these exhibits encourage children and adults to ask include:
·      What is air?  (What does it feel like to me?)
·      How does air/ wind move things? (Can I move air?)
·      Does air take up space?
·      How can I use air to move objects?
·      How and why do some things stay up in the air?
·      Is air predictable?  (Can I make the same thing happen again?)

Let's do something A-Mazing together today!  Join CMB and make a gift to support this new exhibit!



Like you, we believe in the power of play.  Play helps children make sense of the world around them.  Through play, children explore spatial relationships, refine motor skills, practice communication and language skills, think creatively and use their senses to understand their surroundings.  Additionally, play-based learning aids in the development of social skills and our museum is designed with social interaction in mind.  Whether with another child, parent or caregiver, children practice positive, social interactions supported by CMB’s hands-on environment.  And because we believe everyone should be able to play and learn together, we are committed to providing exhibits and programs that are accessible and engaging for children and caregivers of all abilities.
CMB works to support excellent early childhood education experiences by providing play-based learning opportunities that develop the foundation for content-focused learning as children grow and mature.  More importantly, we want to be a place where families, friends, and neighbors create lasting memories together.  Play is serious business, so join us so all kids can play... because learning and growing together, as a community, is at the heart of our cause.
Janine K donated $50.00
Kristi S donated $200.00
Marie C donated $100.00
Jennifer C donated $225.00
by Anonymous donated $250.00
Lauren C donated $200.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


We love CMB!


A great service to our youth!


The Museum looks terrific!


Keep up the good work!