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Children's Museum of Blacksburg

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Storytelling allows us to convey so much more than figures and statistics.  Thank you for taking a moment to read a recent story told by our executive director, Sarah Hanks:

On Tuesday, April 17th, 53 second graders visited the Children's Museum of Blacksburg for a field trip.  I had the pleasure to facilitate a lab session on matter... solids, liquids, and gases.  We discussed their properties, made observations, and then I asked if they thought we could make a gas by mixing a liquid and a solid.  We made predictions and anticipated what might happen, and then each student was charged with measuring one cup of vinegar into an empty, recycled water bottle or filling a ballon with baking soda.  We slid the balloons on top of the water bottles and watched as a chemical reaction took place releasing a gas and expanding the ballons.

Our expert chemists did a fantastic job!  After we noted the results and discussed our observations, the chemists cleaned up their stations and moved on to several other labs sessions before they departed for the day.

One of my favorite parts of my job is giving high fives to each student that visits on a field trip.  With their high-five-hands ready, we thank them for coming and remind them to make it a great day. 

As a group of students lined up, high-five-hands ready, Brendan approached me and said he hoped he could come back and play soon... he had so much fun!

I assured him that I hoped he could, too!

Then, with a worried look, he asked, "If I get to come back here to play, will you do science with me?  No one does science with me."

Yes, Brendan, I would love to do science with you when you come back.

Our museum creates a place for kids like Brendan to play, learn, and discover.  And to do that well, we'll be relocating to Christiansburg later this year.

By the Numbers

·        4:  Number of miles from CMB's current location to our new museum at the New River Valley Mall
·       15,026:  Total square feet of space to play, learn, and discover
·       $60,000:  The total matching grant provided by the Blacksburg Breakfast Lions Club to develop a new museum to serve kids like Brendan
·       65,000:  Total estimated annual attendance (three times the annual attendance in our current location)
·       $1.2M:  The total Campaign for Kids goal, in dollars

Give today and your gift will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, for the Campaing for Kids.  For more details about our new location, exhibits, and opportunities to get invovled, visit us online at


Like you, we believe in the power of play.  Play helps children make sense of the world around them.  Through play, children explore spatial relationships, refine motor skills, practice communication and language skills, think creatively and use their senses to understand their surroundings.  Additionally, play-based learning aids in the development of social skills and our museum is designed with social interaction in mind.  Whether with another child, parent or caregiver, children practice positive, social interactions supported by CMB’s hands-on environment.  And because we believe everyone should be able to play and learn together, we are committed to providing exhibits and programs that are accessible and engaging for children and caregivers of all abilities.
CMB works to support excellent early childhood education experiences by providing play-based learning opportunities that develop the foundation for content-focused learning as children grow and mature.  More importantly, we want to be a place where families, friends, and neighbors create lasting memories together.  Play is serious business, so join us so all kids can play... because learning and growing together, as a community, is at the heart of our cause.

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