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6th Annual Giving Day Total




Christiansburg Institute Inc (CI Inc)

$1,275.00 contributions
18 donors

Raised: $1275Remaining: $13725

From 1866-1966 in Christiansburg, Virginia, the Christiansburg Industrial Institute served African-American students from across the state of Virginia and beyond. It was the first high school in Southwest, Virgina, to educate the formerly enslaved.

The school featured an expansive 185-acre high school campus with approximately 11 academic, trades, dormitory buildings, a dairy farm, livestock, and gardens! Booker T. Washington was supevisor to the school from 1895-1915. Today, the Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association (CIAA) owns 4.4 acres of originial campus land and the historic Edgar A. Long building, a former academic building at the school.


In 1999, the Christiansburg Institute Alumni Assoication established a seperate non-profit organization, Christiansburg Institute, Inc (CI Inc).

The Mission and Vision of Christiansburg Institute, Inc. is to preserve the facilities and archives of Christiansburg Industrial Institute and to enact the legacy of the former school through serving the multi-cultural needs of the New River Valley. We envision CI,Inc as a catalyst for community dialogue, social change, and multi-cultural programming, as the New River Valley encounters a future that is radically changing from its past.


Programs and Tours
We're seeing an increased interest in tours of Christiansburg Institute and we're eager to provide them to you! Your support makes these tours more readily available.


Archiving and Interpretation of Historical Artifacts
Our collection of artifacts (school band uniforms, football jackets, ball caps) and historical documents (personal papers, official correspondence, photographs) is growing! Your support helps us purchase the professional software, technology, and tools required to properly maintain our archives and grow our collection. Click here to see artifacts and learn more history of the Christiansburg Institute!


Production of Multi-Media Educational Materials
Your support will help us to create and design original educational pamphlets, visual aids, grow our web presence across social media, and purchase design software to create high resolution event flyers, posters, and logos.


Preserving the historic Edgar A. Long building
Built in 1927, the historic Edgar A. Long building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and Virginia Landmark Registry. Your support will go towards advancing the historical preservation of the building. Click here to learn more about the Edgar A. Long and the history of the building. Click here to discover our vision for the adapative reuse of the space.


Christiansburg Institute Incorporated

125 Arrowhead Trial, Suite F
Christiansburg, Virgina, 24073
Donna H donated $10.00
Mary Ann B donated $20.00
Kim N donated $25.00
Bob L donated $125.00
Tiffany Jade A donated $50.00
Dave M donated $500.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


I grew up in Christiansburg and am ashamed to admit that I never heard of the Christiansburg Institute. This is an important part of the are


My son recently toured this & it made an impact on him. Plus, I love to preserve pieces of history. Best of luck!


Christiansburg Institute's story is part of the rich history of African American education in our nation. Please join me in supporting this