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Dust Church

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Why “Dust”?
The concept (idea) behind “dust” comes from a Jewish concept of discipleship where the disciple was considered to be “covered in the dust of his [her] rabbi.” Because they followed their rabbi so closely, disciples would literally be covered in the dust kicked up by the sandals of the rabbi. For many people the church has been better at “leaving folks in the dust” as opposed to leaving them covered with the dust of Jesus, our Rabbi. What is being strived for in this model is a sense of groundedness in Jesus through Discipleship, serving the Underserved, rethinking the role of Stewardship throughout all aspects of our daily lives and finally, most importantly, returning scripture (the Text) to the formational center of our faithfulness.
About Us
We decided to start a church in Blacksburg, Virginia with discipleship at the center - a new model of church planting with the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). Our heart is to be a welcoming and open part of the Blacksburg and greater New River Valley region, partnering with local nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations in order to serve those in our community. We meet regularly on Sundays from noon-2pm, host a bible study on Mondays from 6:30-8:30, and we also keep our facility open throughout the week to encourage regular study and conversation. We have plenty of room for quiet study, and we also make our extensive theological library available to those who wish to use it.
We Welcome Your Questions
We aren’t afraid of questions here at Dust Covenant Church.
Traditional Jewish thought views scripture as a multi-faceted gem; every way you turn it reflects something new. We believe that the ability to ask good questions is essential to the study of scripture and exploration of all of those facets. Further, we believe that by studying in community, we can contribute to a deeper understanding of the Text by collecting a variety of perspectives and inquiries that may reveal angles we hadn’t previously explored.
We are constantly looking for the “next better question” and exploring the angles of that beautiful gem. If you have questions about scripture, questions about G-d, but you’ve been afraid to ask . . . well, you are welcome here! We would love to hear your questions, share our own, and explore the Text together.
All are welcome. 

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