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Friends of Peak Creek, Inc.

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Current & Ongoing Projects

Bi-Annual Creek Clean-ups
FOPC has two creek clean ups each year. Each Spring and Fall, volunteers and community groups gather to pick up trash and debris in Peak Creek and several of its tributaries. Gloves, safety vests, trash bags, grabbers and waders are provided as well as water and refreshments. Next clean up is on April 21st.

Storm Drain Marking
On June 4, 2016, test markers reading “Drains to Creek” were affixed to drains in downtown Pulaski. The markers proved to be successful and so far have been in place without any problem. As of the Spring of 2017, almost 200 storm drains have been stenciled or had markers installed to remind everyone that what goes into the drain ends up in Peak Creek.  There are approximately 400 storm drains in town. Hopefully future funding will allow us to complete the job of marking every drain in Pulaski.

Water Quality Monitoring
Monitoring events are conducted on a quarterly basis.
The monitoring is an ecological assessment that nets bottom dwelling macro-invertebrate organisms from the water using a standardized collection method. The organisms caught are identified and counted. The numerical distribution of species indicates the ecological integrity and long-term quality of the creek water.  For example, some species are highly tolerant of poor water quality (e.g., worms, leeches, scuds). Others are intolerant (e.g., larvae of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies).


Future Projects

Pollinator Garden
Establishment of a public pollinator garden located adjacent to Peak Creek within the Town limits of Pulaski is a proposed project for 2018. Creating and maintaining this native plant garden will help support our mission by providing environmental education, habitat enhancement and aesthetic value for the public.

Streambank Restoration

Streambank restoration will help improve the environmental health of Peak Creek which will in turn improve the health of Claytor Lake and the New River. WebRestoration activities aim to restore the natural state and functioning of the Creek in support of biodiversity, recreation, flood management and landscape development. FOPC is researching techniques and funding sources for this work.

...and many more projects with your help!

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