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Healthy Floyd

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HEALTHY FLOYD is all about 9-5-2-1-0.
Don't know what it means?  Just ask a kid in Floyd!

The Healthy Floyd 5K encourages kids and adults alike to do some kind of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY for 1 HOUR or more each day!

Healthy Floyd's Tasting Tuesdays and Learning Gardens inspire our children to not ony EAT 5 FRUITS & VEGGIES each day, but to grow them. It's stunning how many kids don't know where their food comes from. Below, Check boys love kale chips (who knew?) and one of our high school Ag students shares his gardening knowledge with a Floyd Elementary student.


Floyd Moves is one of the many programs implemented by HEALTHY FLOYD to get
kids in our community excited about getting at least 1 HOUR OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY each day.
Watch Alice Hardin's kindergarten class enjoy a midday brain break with a Floyd Moves Minute!


Another great project is our Preschool Produce Program. For ten weeks each fall, Floyd County High School students pack and deliver bags full of fresh produce to preschool, kindergarten, and Head Start students at Floyd Elementary, Willis Elementary, Check Elementary, and New River Community Action.


And as part of our Sugar Smarts education, Floyd students choose 0 SUGARY BEVERAGES by drinking fruit-infused water supplied by HEALTHY FLOYD at their annual Field Day event. 

Support HEALTHY FLOYD and you'll be supporting:
* Tasting Tuesdays
* Walk A Mile With Healthy Floyd
* Preschool Produce deliveries, lessons & tastings
* Floyd Moves activities in the schools
* Toddler Time with Healthy Floyd

* Floyd Moves It! work-outs at the library
* Healthy Floyd After School Clubs
* Sugar Smarts Education
* Annual RevYourBev Events
* the Healthy Floyd 5K Run/Walk
* Healthy By Nature activities
* Floyd 95210 Education


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