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6th Annual Giving Day Total




InStill Mindfulness SWVA


Raised: $7760Remaining: $2240

We have a $5,000 matching gift! Make your money go twice as far!

InStill Mindfulness SWVA creates increased self-awareness, greater life satisfaction, and healthier communities by helping people experience a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. This is achieved through mindfulness-related education, resources, clubs, and retreats.

All donations over $100 win an InStill t-shirt!

We are requesting your support for our InSchools program, which is a 28-hour in-depth mindfulness training program provided completely free-of-charge to faculty in the region’s public schools. Through this program we enable faculty and staff to utilize mindfulness to positively impact thousands of children in the New River Valley and beyond. Here are some of the things participants have said about the program:

  • * This was the most valuable program I have ever participated in.
  • * Thank you! You’ve helped me to change my life.
  • * Scale of 1-10: a solid 10.
  • * Peers are noticing the benefits.
  • * I would recommend it for everyone.

Each InSchools cohort of approximately 15 participants costs us $4,500 to $5,000 to deliver, and we plan to run three or four cohorts in local school divisions next school year. Participants conservatively work directly with an average of 50 students each, helping expose at least 2,000 students to mindfulness each year. 

Benefits of mindfulness: This is not just some warm, fuzzy activity. Mindfulness has been scientifically demonstrated to produce a broad range of benefits. According to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, mindfulness is “the ultimate success habit”, resulting in increased productivity, greater influence, better decision-making, improved health, and more happiness. Studies have found many benefits to practicing mindfulness, including improved wellbeing, communication skills, and emotional regulation; increased empathy, compassion, patience, gratitude, information processing speed, and body awareness; and decreased stress and anxiety.

In addition to InSchools, InStill Mindfulness SWVA offers a range of services to people and organizations in Southwest Virginia, including:

InSight: We offer a range of classes and retreats for the public. Visit our Schedule page for upcoming events.

InSpire: We recognize two key things are missing from most mindfulness programs: community and service. Our InSpire mindfulness & service clubs give members the opportunity to share their experiences with other practitioners, and to learn more about the practice through their peers. Each club creates their own service projects, with a focus on developing community-mindedness in their community. Find a club near you.

InStore: We design and deliver mindfulness-based programming and solutions for businesses and other organizations, specifically catering to each organization's expressed needs.



To instill mindfulness throughout Southwest Virginia, through education and outreach.

Core Principle

Connection—with heart, mind, self, synapses, nature, and community.


Gratitude: We value gratitude in our own lives, and offer it freely.
Self-care: We value self-care in our own lives, and aim to instill it in those around us.
Awareness: We value the development of our own awareness, and provide tools to help others develop it in themselves.
Redefine the mind: We value how mindfulness has changed our relationship with our mind, and foster it in others.
Simplicity: We value simplicity as an antidote to chaos.
Adaptability: We value adaptability, and welcome change rather than resist it.
Walk the Walk: We value authenticity, and only aim to ‘preach’ what we actually practice.
Acceptance: We value the equanimity gained through acceptance, and try to meet people where they are.


Updates and Donors' Comments


So grateful for Instill!


Loved the meditation flash mobs today!


Sincere gratitude to all who make InStill work.


Thanks for instilling mindfulness