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The Millstone Kitchen

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The Millstone Kitchen
, located in The Old School Center and operated by Beans & Rice, Inc, supports the work of food business entrepreneurs in the New River Valley by providing start-up services as well as commercial kitchen space to refine their products, test recipes, scale up, and distribute their product. The Kitchen will also serve as a home base for local food trucks. The Millstone Kitchen’s users will bring their product to a wider range of consumers who appreciate local food and local business.

Millstone Kitchen is named to honor the history of millstone manufacturing in the Prices Fork community and is part of a three-phase development plan involving the revitalization of the former Prices Fork Elementary School. The effort seeks to build a multi-function facility that includes residential apartments, a restaurant, a brewery, and the Millstone Kitchen. Local entrepreneurs, farmers, and community members have guided the project in every step of development in order to determine how best to serve the Prices Fork community, Montgomery County, and the broader New River Valley. 

At the center of the Millstone Kitchen project is a deep appreciation for local food and local business. Those who share this passion are invited to donate and share with others in order to support kitchen users upon our grand opening in July 2019. 


Your Impact:

A 25 dollar donation supports the cost of one hour in the kitchen for a local entrepreneur to make something awesome! Kitchen users access the kitchen space to test recipes and make their product for distribution. Supporting an hour of their work can help their product hit the shelves faster.

A 50 dollar donation supports the cost of two hours of business counseling to a local entrepreneur! Starting a business requires a lot of behind the scenes work and sometimes that work is easier with a little help. Supporting business counseling allows a local business to access the resources they need to become a licensed business.

A 100 dollar donation supports the cost of a local food truck’s use of the kitchen for an entire month! Food trucks are required to have a “home base” for their operations. Supporting a food truck at Millstone Kitchen allows a local business to bring fresh new flavors straight to you.

A 250 dollar donation supports food safety education for local farmers who can their produce! Any kitchen user preserving their produce through canning will be required to complete Better Process Control School. This support allows local farmers to diversify their revenue streams by entering into the value-added marketplace.

A donation above 250 dollars supports the purchase of kitchen equipment, utility use, staffing, or similar uses!

Stay in the loop!

Like us on Facebook, check out our website, or contact the Kitchen Manager to stay up to date on the latest happenings at Millstone Kitchen.

Jessica Schultz, Kitchen Manager

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