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New River Valley Regional Theatre -NRV Productions

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NRVRT is a new nonprofit arts organization in the New River Valley, and just listen to some of our reviews!

"The New River Valley Regional Theatre is a gem of SW Virginia, bringing great live performances to our communities. Robin Brooke and her many collaborators help enhance the quality of life through professional performance. Please be sure to attend one of their performances soon and let the world know about them. Tell your friends and neighbors!"  David Horton- Mayor of Radford

"It's so nice to have good quality, professional theatrical productions in the New River Valley! This production company has knocked it out of the ballpark with every single performance that I've seen! I highly recommend them. Whether you live in Pulaski, Floyd, Carroll, Montgomery,'s definitely worth the drive!"  Donna Travis

"New River Valley Regional Theatre brings professional theatre to our community. I've left every performance I've attended feeling so proud to have quality
theatre in our town. If you haven't attended a performance I encourage you to do so. Please support NRV Regional Theatre so we can continue to have quality theatre in our town." Jennifer Roberts White

OUR CAMPAIGN- THE HIGHER ROAD: An Original Musical of the Underground Railroad in Southwestern Virginia
The Higher Road is meant to affect, move, educate, and inspire, with the art of performance.
Imagine these moments as you sit in your seat in the theatre. It is night, a full moon above, and a couple, in silhouette, runs across a meadow. They stop, breathing heavily, first behind one tree, then running to another, while dogs bark in the distance. It is a moment of survival and you watch from the safety of your seat.
As the first figure crouches down and motions to the second, we see she has an infant in her arms. Will he cry and give them away?
Imagine another moment, where people in the town, dance joyously to Appalachian music of the time. It is moving music and it is impossible to keep your foot still. You grow to know the characters, laugh at the comic protagonist, and grow tense at the antagonist that might cause harm without care.
The varied original music haunts you, lifts you, makes you laugh, makes you want to dance, or reaches out to touch you with sadness. There is beauty, tragedy, pure joy, choral underscoring, and full silence. The fiction of dramatic license is interwoven with the truth of history so that you are both thoroughly entertained and hungry for more knowledge as you leave. You do not leave untouched. You are moved…inspired.
THE HIGHER ROAD will be a professionally produced musical theatre production, incorporating both regional and national talents. With an original script written and composed by talents in Southwestern Virginia, this piece will be a combination of both history and fiction with an intent to entertain, educate, enlighten, and move audiences. Written by Robin Brooke, New River Valley Regional Theatre founder and union actress of 30 years, and composed by the award winning Virginia trio known as After Jack, this tale of two runaway slaves forced to take shelter within a small town in the mountains of Virginia, encompasses the music, culture, simple joys, and tribulations of rural Virginia in the 1850’s and the Underground Railroad.
Production Costs i
ncluding Music Composition, Score, Script, Performers, Musicians, Set Design and Build, Costumes, Marketing, Venue: 25,000


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