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6th Annual Giving Day Total




New River Valley TimeBank

$732.00 contributions
17 donors
The New River Valley TimeBank helps to connect people to exchange skills and services, using time rather than dollars. When a member provides one hour of service for someone, they earn one Time Credit. They can  then spend this Time Credit by receiving an hour of service from someone else. The possibilities for exchange are endless, and may include home repair, yard work, cooking lessons, pet-sitting, computer instruction, rides to  appointments, etc. All services are valued equally, and all members are respected for what they have to offer.
It's an old idea made new - the  idea that  our community is stronger when neighbors make a practice of helping each other!

We are excited to announce our latest project:
 a Tool Lending Library!!

We are partnering with Habitat for Humanity to develop this unique community resource for the NRV.
The Tool Lending Library will be stocked with many of the tools needed to do essential home repairs, renovations and yard work. Participants will be able to sign out tools as needed, saving them the expense of having to purchase them new. Workshop space will also be developed where the public can come to learn new skills, or use larger equipment onsite. The Library will be operated by TimeBank members, who will be paid in Time Credits rather than money, making this a very cost-effective way to promote resource-sharing. Many of the tools will be good-quality secondhand donations from local supporters who no longer need them, but we will still need to purchase several new tools to round out our inventory. 
That's how you can help with your GiveBig Day donation!!!
Please consider helping us to make this amazing idea a reality
by contributing today!

The Tool Lending Library will be opening in the fall of 2019 and will be located
at the Habitat ReStore in Christiansburg. 



Keala M donated $77.00
Carola H donated $25.00
Jennifer J donated $20.00
James M donated $25.00
Emma P donated $50.00
Mary Ann B donated $20.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Donations Flow @ In Balance Yoga Studio on behalf of Eman Hussein for the Timebank Tool Lending Library


For the incredible work that Ellen Stewart, Avery Morrison have put in to make this happen in our Valley!


Community serving the community. It doesn't get better than this!


The TimeBank is a precious community resource and I'm proud to be a part of it!