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6th Annual Giving Day Total




Partnership for Floyd

$695.00 contributions
10 donors

Raised: $695Remaining: $4305

Our Current Goal

We have a new trail project this year – a story trail behind the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library, branching off from the Park-to-Library Trail to offer children a way to read and exercise at the same time. Pages from children's books will be mounted in waterproof frames along the woodsy path, so the kids or their older companions can follow page by page along the way. Your contribution will help buy the materials, including a supply of books so a new story can be displayed every month.

The photo at right, from Cumberland Mountain State Park, in Tennessee, shows how the stories will be presented in Floyd.

Meanwhile, as the Dodd Creek Trail is discovered and more widely used, we plan improvements including picnic tables and benches where walkers can rest and enjoy the pleasant views. Your continued support will help make the trail useful in many ways.

Who We Are
Partnership for Floyd is a diverse group of citizens working to preserve and enhance the unique beauty and quality of life in the Town of Floyd and its surroundings. Since 2004 our members have worked hard to produce community events and help with local projects.

We urge you to support us during this GiveBig campaign, and also to join us! Meetings take place on the third Monday of each month at Wall Residences (718 Franklin Pike) from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Previous Projects and Events
In 2017 and 2018 Partnership for Floyd was the chief sponsor of the Health and Wellness Fair (see photo on left) which was held at the Floyd County High School gymnasium both years. These well-attended events provided an opportunity for the public to speak with a wide range of practitioners in the fields of health and wellness, and to learn about opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Dodd Creek Trail mentioned above is our second trail project. The first one, which was completed in 2015, was a short trail connecting Lineberry Park to the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library. Other trails have been proposed to us, but completing this one is a priority for now.

Partnership's largest project to date was the construction of the Warren G. Lineberry Community Park in downtown Floyd. In order to complete the park, we raised funds, gathered community input, organized projects, and brought volunteers and professionals together to build the beautiful spot we have today.

In 2014 we even made a video, To the Last Drop: Floyd's Water Future, which focused on the county's water resources and potential problems that lay ahead in maintaining them.

Thanks very much for your contribution to our GiveBig Campaign!
David and Mary W donated $25.00
Lori K donated $20.00
Elizabeth M donated $100.00
William W donated $50.00
Chris and Kim B donated $50.00
Eleanor R donated $100.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Love all the trails!