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GiveBigNRV: Nonprofit FAQs

1. How do I get a profile page for my nonprofit organization on the site?

For organizations without a Click & Pledge Account: Go to the Nonprofit Toolkit and click on the Register Your Nonprofit and complete the form fully. You will need to submit a voided check to complete the process.

For organizations that already have a Click & Pledge Account: Go to and create a support ticket with this subject line: Change Price Plan to CFNRV.

In the ticket, please include:
Your Organization’s name
Your Organization’s Click & Pledge account number

You will be changed to a “Donor 2 price plan” with no monthly fee and your organization will be added to the GiveBigNRV site.

2. I've submitted my nonprofit's registration form, what happens next?
1. Application Sent: Your application has been forwarded to Click & Pledge and merchant bank TransFirst for review. Transfirst will review the information and confirm your nonprofit status.
2.  Sign Agreement : TransFirst will contact you (Monday - Friday) for any additional information and then send the Merchant Account Agreement to be executed via eSignature.
If you do not receive an email from TransFirst in 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder. If no email is received, contact Click & Pledge here.
3. Two to Three Business Days: Once the Merchant Account Agreement has been signed, please allow two to three business days for the merchant account to be approved.
4. Click & Pledge Account Activation: Click & Pledge will send a "Welcome" email notifying you that your Click & Pledge account is ready to use with instructions on getting started.
5. GiveBigNRV Profile Activation: Your nonprofit's profile page will be uploaded on the GiveBigNRV website. You will be assigned a unique organization number and will be able to set-up your own user ID and password to customize your page. You will receive notification and instructions on how to customize your profile page including uploading a video, sharing your organization’s mission and highlighting the areas of need. You may also contact the Community Foundation to sign up for a training session and learn more about the GiveBigNRV site overall.

3. My application for GiveBigNRV is pending. I need to sign the merchant agreement but haven't heard from Transfirst. Who do I contact?
Please submit a support ticket to Click & Pledge here.

4. Is there a limited time that I can receive donations through the site?
No, donors will be able to make gifts to your organization through the GiveBigNRV site at anytime. The Community Foundation also hosts an annual GiveBigNRV Giving Day each April to encourage the community to visit the site and make a contribution. Participating nonprofits will be encouraged to push donors to their pages on that day and will be eligible for grants and prizes based on the number of donors participating.

5. How much does it cost for a nonprofit to participate?
There is no set-up fee to participate and no monthly fee. Nonprofits enroll through a simple online registration form and receive an individual merchant account for donations to be directly deposited into the nonprofit's bank account. Like any other online transaction service, a credit card fee is assessed based on card type as follows:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover: 
3.75% of the donation amount and a $0.35 transaction fee.

Echecks are at a flat rate of 1.85%

6. What makes an organization eligible to participate through GiveBigNRV?
Eligible organization must be state-registered, 501c3 nonprofits based in and/or serving the New River Valley (the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski and the City of Radford). The Community Foundation is informed of all nonprofits registering to participate and reserves the right to reject any organization that it believes violates the mission and values of the CFNRV. Units of local government, such as schools or libraries, may also join GiveBigNRV.

7. How do I know if my nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) organization?
You should have received an IRS determination letter indicating your 501c3 charitable status. You can also check your status via services like Guidestar.

8. Is GiveBigNRV secure?
The GiveBigNRV donation platform partner, Click & Pledge, offers a PCI, Level 1 controlled security environment that allows us to pass secure information, like a bank routing number, on to the merchant bank partner, TransFirst.

For more details on Click & Pledge Security, click here.

9. What information does TransFirst need to set up my merchant bank account?
Transfirst will require banking information including a voided check to set up the merchant bank account so that the donations can be deposited directly into your organization's bank account. The U.S. Patriot Act, passed in 2001, requires financial institutions to collect certain personal information from individuals and organizations opening a new account. This includes:

1. Name
2. Date of birth
3. Address
4. Identification number -- a taxpayer identification number for American citizens or a government-issued document for noncitizens.

Also, the financial institution will keep this information on file in order to verify the person’s identity should any questions in the future arise.

10. What is a personal fundraising page and how does it work?
Please click here for more information about personal fundraising pages.

11. How do I setup my nonprofit’s profile page?
Login by clicking the login button in the top right corner. Then click "Setting" to edit your profile. Instructions for setting up your profile page are available here.

12. I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?
Click "Reset Password" at the login page. You will then enter in the same email address that was used in the application, and the new password will be sent to that email address. For more information, click here.

13. I have set up my profile but don’t see it on the site. Did I do something wrong?
The reason you do not see your organization appearing in search results may be because the keywords and tags have not been set up accurately. You can enter in common search words in the "Keywords and Tags" tab to help people find you by name, cause, zip code, or other search terms related your organization. Check that each keyword is separated by a semicolon to make sure that your profile is pulled up correctly with the search engine.

14. My organization uses a DBA name and my profile is displaying a name not recognized by our donors. Can I edit this?
Yes, this will require you to change the registration information. You can edit this by logging in to the Click & Pledge Portal at Log in using the same email username and password that you use to log in to your GiveBigNRV account. Then click “Account Info” in the top right corner. You can edit your organization information including the name visible on your GiveBigNRV profile page and any contact details.

15. Can I edit or add contact information to the profile?
Yes, you can. Please see instructions above on how to make these edits. You can also add a login user to your profile. Go here for further instructions.

16. Can I customize the receipts that my donors receive?
Yes, you can customize the thank you message when setting up your profile page.

17. How do I reflect matching funds or cash donations given to the organization on GiveBigNRV Day?
If you are accepting cash donations on-site for GiveBigNRV Day or receive a check for GiveBigNRV Day, you can reflect these funds in your profile page total by manually entering in the amounts.

18. What are the processing rates for qualified credit cards versus non-qualified i.e. rewards credit cards?
Qualified: Most transactions fall into this category.  When a transaction is processed in accordance with the rules and standards established in the Payment Processing Agreement, signed by the merchant and the processing bank, and it involves a regular consumer credit card. The 3.75% is the lowest of the rates charged and applies to normal credit/debit cards with no affiliation to business or government.  For example, a Visa card issued from a bank like Wells Fargo with no award points or cash-back.
Non-Qualified: All corporate, government, and reward cards are charged this rate.  When a special kind of credit card is used (like a rewards card or a business card), or a payment is not processed in accordance with the rules established in the Payment Processing Agreement, or it does not comply with some applicable security requirements, this rate is 3.75%-the qualified rate of 2.75% plus 1% add on for non-qualified status.  For example, the 1% add-on applies to award cards like Delta Air Miles, Marriott Hotel Awards cards, etc. 

19. Does anyone else have access to my donor information?
As the administrator of the site, the CFNRV can see who has given through your page, however, the CFNRV is not responsible for acknowledging gifts for tax purposes and will not share donor information publicly. It is the responsibility of the organization holding the account with Click and Pledge to acknowledge all gifts made through your page and work with donors to answer questions or address issues with donations. More information on Click & Pledge’s privacy policy can be found at:

20. When a donation is made when does it hit my bank account? And when do the fees get deducted?
TransFirst is the online banking system partner for Click & Pledge and GveBigNRV. TransFirst will deduct the funds from the card holder’s account and deposit to the organization bank account. TransFirst will not hold the organization’s funds for any amount of time. Funds are deposited 48 hours after the transaction.

TransFirst will deposit the full dollar amount of the transaction and then pull from the bank account on the following month the transaction fees. TransFirst will send out a statement to the organization around the 1st of each month. This statement (which is a month delayed statement) will show to the organization the amount that TransFirst will deduct (for credit card processing fees) on the 10th of each month. TransFirst cannot deduct their fees from the deposits to the organization’s bank account. At the time of the application the organizations will send a copy of the voided check to TransFirst so they can ensure they have accurate deposit.

21. What happens if a donor chooses to make a donation anonymously?
If a donor chooses to make a donation anonymously, the donor's name will not be published on the GiveBigNRV website. The nonprofit that receives the donation will still have access to donor contact and donation information and is responsible for maintaining the anonymity of the donor.

22. Where do I get my donor information from and how do I run a report?
You can run a donor report by visiting the Click & Pledge portal. Click here for instructions. 

23. Can I set up more than one profile page if my organization hosts multiple programs?
Yes, if your organization serves as an umbrella organization for several programs or as a fiscal agent for other organizations, you can set up an individual profile page for each. Please contact Jessica Wirgau at the Community Foundation at with a list of the programs for which you’ll be needing individual pages. She will connect you to the appropriate person at Click & Pledge to get you moving.

24. How do I become eligible for a GiveBigNRV Giving Day prize or matching grant?
In order for your organization to be eligible for a GiveBigNRV Giving Day prize or matching grant you must:
• Register your organization on the site at least 3 weeks before the giving day.
• Have the following on your profile page one week prior to the giving day:
o Organization logo (submitted as both a small and medium avatar through your profile page)
o A description of your organization
o Updated donation box (that is, the box cannot have the default setting of $10 Donate for…)
• Component funds of the CFNRV (endowed or pass-through funds held at the CFNRV) are not eligible to receive any prize or giving day grant.

25. How are prize and matching grant winners chosen?
• Prizes are awarded randomly throughout the giving day. Organizations that are eligible for receive a prize (see question 24) are placed in a hat and random drawings are done throughout the day. An organization may not win more than one random prize.
• Grant parameters are set by the CFNRV together with the sponsoring donor. All grants distributed based on the number of donors are based on the number of unique donors (as defined by email address) and not the number of transactions made by the donor. That is, a donor who makes 5 transactions to give to your organization will be counted as one unique donor not five. The minimum donation amount to be counted toward a giving day grant is $10. An organization cannot receive more than one giving day grant.
• CFNRV component funds are not eligible for any giving day prizes or grants.

26. How can I get additional help if I need it?
You can get tips and answers to questions by visiting the Click & Pledge forum here or you can submit a ticket for assistance by clicking here.