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Technical Support for the GiveBigNRV Giving Day

Helpful Links

How to login
How to process a credit card payment for a donor using the Virtual Terminal:
How to process multiple transactions on a single computer

How to create a custom receipt, update those within the organization receiving a copy of the receipt, or include an invoice number:

How to run a quick report to get donor information:

Technical Support from Click & Pledge
Click & Pledge will have their support staff available to answer your questions throughout the day and will be able to answer your questions more quickly and accurately than we can at the Community Foundation. 

For all support questions, you will need to submit a Support Ticket so Click & Pledge can make sure it gets to the right person quickly. Do so by going to Please make sure to include in your ticket the following:

  • Put CFNRV-GiveBig in the Subject box so your issue is given top priority
  • A complete, detailed description of the problem.
  • The url for your profile page
  • Your Account Number
  • Your Organization Name
  • If your donor received an error message, please include the error message number in the body of your request

Here are some common questions that Click & Pledge has received:

If you get phone calls from anyone have trouble making a contribution: Most transactions that receive an error message are due to the bank declining the donor’s credit card. You may wish to ask them to try a different card. If that doesn’t work or other issues arrive, submit a support ticket. Include the donor's name, the organization they are trying to give to, and the time they were attempting to make the gift.

If a donor calls and asks you to process a donation for them, you can process the credit card for them by using the Virtual Terminal. Follow the instructions provided here

Community Foundation Support
The CFNRV will have volunteers and staff at its office during regular business hours (9am-5pm) that can try to assist you. Call 540-381-8999. Please note, however, that for questions you are likely to have the day-of, we will most likely send you to Click & Pledge to resolve the issue. After hours, you may email Jessica Wirgau at and she will try to address your questions.